Thursday, February 28, 2013

14 Weeks!

Well, I'm technically 15 weeks now...but I have been good about taking my weekly photos at least. My 14th week was actually pretty painful overall. I guess everything is stretching or growing, because I have been having lots of random sharp pains. I ended up going to my doctor's appointment on Monday just to make sure everything was ok instead of waiting until Friday and heartbeats were good on the doppler and these sorts of pains are completely normal according to the doctor I saw. Other than that, the week was rather uneventful.
14 Weeks!!

Weight136 (+ 0 lbs overall)
Due Date: August 22, 2013
Baby is the size of: A lemon (note: all sizes are comparing the length of baby to a fruit)
Maternity Clothes?: Same as before. I did order another pair of maternity jeans, some maternity capris for when it gets warm, and my first maternity shirt because Zulily was having a maternity sale and I am way too cheap to pay full price for clothes that I'll only wear for a few months!
Symptoms: Fatigue, sore breasts, and lots and lots of random aches and pains this week.
EmotionsFeeling ok. It's been a few weeks since I saw the babies last and it will be 5 more until I see them the worry is coming back a little. Still feeling positive overall, but it's so hard not knowing what's going on in there!
Notable News or Events: Both babies had heart rates in the low 150s at my OB appointment on Monday.
Movement?: Not yet.
Stretch Marks?: Still too early.
Upcoming Appointments: End of March.
What People are Saying: Just general "how are things going?" sorts of questions this week. 

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  1. Wow! You look great! So excited for you and your twins :)