Wednesday, February 20, 2013

13 Weeks!

Week 13 has been significantly less eventful than week 12, but still pretty great nonetheless. I know that anything can  happen, but just making it this far with both of my babies doing ok in there has me feeling pretty positive lately! My hubby and I had a really nice weekend together, just hanging around the house and shopping. We also went out to eat for lunch on Sunday which was  really nice. We (and by we, I mean Nathan) cleared out the guest bedroom  that will be the nursery this weekend as well. It mostly involved moving our extra bed into my craft room, which will now be a dual purpose area. It is exciting to think that we will begin the real work of getting ready for babies in just a few weeks!

WEEK 13!!

Weight135 (-1 lbs) Really starting to gain that weight back! That's up 2 pounds from last week.
Due Date: August 22, 2013
Baby is the size of: A medium peach, a tangerine, or the length of a medium shrimp!
Maternity Clothes?: Still the same as before. When I go out I either wear my one pair of maternity jeans or fasten my regular jeans with a hair tie. At home I wear mostly PJ pants because it's comfy! My shirts are still fitting ok, although my little bump is finally starting to show just a little bit.
Symptoms: Still fatigued, but it does seem to be improving. Sore breasts. The main symptom though is hunger! After weeks of no appetite, it is back with a vengeance. I need to eat every 4 hours with some snacks in between. 
EmotionsFeeling pretty upbeat!
Notable News or Events: I can sometimes find both heartbeats with my doppler at home. There are still days when I can't tell if I've found one or both babies, but I have definitely found both babies several times.
Movement?: Not yet.
Stretch Marks?: Still too early.
Upcoming Appointments: March 1st
What People are Saying: Nathan has been getting excited about my emerging bump and has started rubbing it and talking to the babies every once in awhile. Everyone is still very excited and people ask how we're doing all the time now. Nathan and I are also trying to narrow down names this week, but we still have a ways to go!

My left side is still way bigger than  my right side, which I think is kind of  funny. Ironically enough, both babies looked to be more to the right at my ultrasound. I think that they are moving a lot these days though, so that might change regularly!

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