Monday, January 21, 2013

9 Weeks!!

I'm not sure if anyone has noticed, but my weekly updates are actually happening in the middle of whatever week I'm writing about. It's just easier for me to wait to take the weekly picture until the weekend, that way my DH can do it and I don't have to mess around with the tripod. I really need to buy a remote for my camera and then it wouldn't be a big deal! Anyways, I'm technically 9 weeks and  4 days pregnant right now...but really what's a few days!

Not a whole lot has been going on here. It's still very surreal. I don't have a lot of symptoms, so there are days when it's hard to even remember that I'm pregnant. However, my body is starting to change and the few symptoms that are still lingering around remind me every once in awhile.

9 Weeks!
Weight133 (-3 lbs)
Due Date: August 22, 2013
Baby is the size of: A grape! (or a medium sized olive!)
Maternity Clothes?: Not yet! I have resorted to using a hair tie to fasten my pants. I can technically button some of them, but it is so uncomfortable that I have given up on it!
Symptoms: My breasts aren't as sore as they have been, but they still have their moments on occasion. Gas is still an issue, although not as bad as it was. My appetite has really picked up quite a bit and most food sounds delicious these days! I have been having a hard time sleeping because my back and hips hurt at night. I am pretty emotional and t.v. commercials have been known to make me cry. I am definitely still really worn out though. I would say that fatigue is my number one symptom right now.
Emotions: Mostly positive but a little nervous. The decline in symptoms that I've experienced over the last week has me feeling a little worried, but after comparing last week's belly photos to this's pretty clear that I really am pregnant. Most of the time I am feeling pretty happy and excited. It helps to do things like talk about nursery plans with my husband and look at baby names. While we aren't purchasing anything big yet, these little acts help reinforce the fact that these will be my take home babies.
Notable News or Events: Not a lot has happened in the baby department this week, although I did put in an order for a few more cloth diapers. 
Movement?: Nothing yet, still  too early. I can't wait!! Although with all the gas that I've been experiencing, I think at first I might not be able to distinguish baby movements, which will be funny later on.
Stretch Marks?: Nope, nope...still too early. Although I'm sure that later on I'll have a lot more to report on this front. 
Upcoming Appointments: Regular OB appointment on 1/31. It's still ten whole days away!!! I will also schedule my NT scan at that time. 
What People are Saying: Nathan (my husband) referred to the babies as the baby grapes this week which was cute. He also kisses my belly twice (once on each side) since there are two little ones in there!

And now the belly pictures. I normally only post two pictures on here, but this week I have three. The reason for this is that from the beginning I have been taking belly pictures from my right side. I don't want to change this since I'd like a whole series of very similar photos to commemorate the pregnancy. However, my stomach is seriously lopsided right now. If you look at my tummy from the left it is WAY bigger than from the right. It's kind of comical really and I wanted to share this with you guys! I don't know if I am just super bloated this week or if I've started to pop, but my waist is definitely a lot thicker than it was and the change is pretty obvious.

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