Monday, January 14, 2013

8 Weeks!

Well, we've made it to 8 weeks! This has been a relatively uneventful week and to be honest some days it's hard to believe that I'm even pregnant. Not knowing what's going on in there is so nerve-wracking!

8 Weeks!
Weight132 (-4 lbs)
Due Date: August 22, 2013
Baby is the size of: A raspberry (or a kidney bean)
Symptoms: Still experiencing sore breasts and tons of gas! Every once in awhile I will have a small bout of nausea, but really no morning sickness to speak of. My appetite has returned somewhat this week and being able to eat a real meal here and there has been nice. I have been absolutely exhausted though. Fatigue is currently my number 1 symptom!
EmotionsCautiously hopeful. Some of my elation and excitement has been tempered by concern over the well being of the babies. I am now completely in love with these two little ones and it's hard not to be afraid that something will happen to them. Each week brings us closer to a happy outcome though and I am doing my best to stay hopeful and positive!
Notable News or Events: We went to a local store that sells cloth diapers so that we could see them first hand. I have been committed to cloth diapering since before we even started actively trying to conceive, so I have already done a ton of research online. However, I had never seen these mythical wonders in person. The store was very nice and the sales lady was super knowledgeable. We haven't bought any diapers yet, but I am even more convinced that this is the route I want to go!
What Other People Are Saying About Baby/Pregnancy: Not too much new here, we have started referring to them as the "baby beans." This makes a lot of sense right now when they are itty bitty, but I still feel like we need to come up with better nicknames until we know the gender!

The pictures this week aren't very exciting. I was convinced that my bump was starting to show a little bit more, but when I compared last weeks picture to this week they look virtually identical. Can't wait until I have a little bump to prove that there really are babies in there!

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  1. congrats! I couldn't wait for a "bump" either... it's so fun!