Wednesday, May 15, 2013

pPROM- The Waiting Game: Hospital Bedrest

Here is where I catch everyone up on what all has happened since day one. I have received a lot of very kind and supportive feedback both in blog comments and from friends/family on facebook about my last post. Thank you everyone for your support. I know that post couldn't have been easy to read and because it was a situation in which there were no right answers, I am sure that there were people who thought that I made the wrong choices. Thank you for not questioning or judging me, it makes me feel a24  lot better about sharing this journey that we are on with the world. 

Rather than type out the entire long, boring story of the last 15 days on Hospital Bed Rest, I am just going to do a list with important events to catch everyone up to where we are today. 

April 30th: pPROM confirmed in OB Triage - Day 1
  • Received First Steroid Shot
  • Started on IV Antibiotics 
  • Started on Indocin, an anticontraction medicine to try to prevent labor in order to get the steroids in my system.
  • Growth Ultrasound
    • Ronan: Confirmed that Ronan's amniotic sac had ruptured. Estimated weight: 1 lb 9 oz (69%), fluid level at 3.1.
    • Corbin: Confirmed that Corbin's amniotic sac didn't appear to have ruptured. Estimated weight: 1 lb 10 oz (75%), fluid level at 3.2. ek
  • Transferred first to OB Special Care and then Labor and Delivery
  • NICU Consult
May 1: Day 2
  • Transferred back to OB Special Care
  • Start Daily Monitoring (1/2 hour or more with both babies heart rates and contractions being monitored)
  • Received Second Steroid Shot
  • Nathan's aunt Susanne visits us at the hospital and brings us flowers from his extended family.
  • My mom arrives to stay a few days at the hospital with us.
May 2: Day 3
  • Switched over from IV to oral antibiotics.
  • 24 Weeks!!
  • Steroids are all officially in the boys' systems (72 hours after first shot)
  • Receive tDAP shot to try to give the boys' some immunity to Pertussis.
  • Mom is still here.
  • Finally Given shower privileges.
May 3: Day 4
  • Stop Indocin: If I go into labor, they will not stop it at this point because it is a strong indication that there is an undetected uterine infection.
  • Mom is still here.
  • Nathan goes back to work for a partial day.
  • Susanne visits again and brings me a crochet pattern book and some word searches to pass the time.
May 4: Day 5
  • Quick bedside ultrasound confirms that both boys still have some fluid.
  • Nathan's mom, aunts, and grandma visit us at the hospital. 
May 5: Day 6
  • We publicly announce the boys' names on Facebook!
  • Mom has to leave to go back home.
  • First night alone in the hospital (Nathan and my mom had been taking turns up until this point)
May 6: Day 7
  • Weekly blood work shows no sign of infection!! Slightly anemic though, started on twice daily iron supplements.
May 8: Day 9
  • Fluid scan ultrasound shows that Ronan is down to a fluid level of 1.86, but Corbin has increased his fluid. Boys look good otherwise.
  • Nathan's mom visits and brings us a gift bag with 25 items for 25 weeks!
  • My sister Kathy makes the trip down to visit us and stay for several days!
May 9: Day 10
  • 25 Weeks!!
  • Our friends Jessica and Joey visit us on their way to sign in for their c-section for their new son.
May 12: Day 13
  • Kathy has to go back home. :(
  • Spent my first Mother's Day with Nathan. He got me a beautiful mom & twins necklace. 
  • Officially done with my course of antibiotics and now we just have to cross our fingers. If I start showing signs of infection, the boys will be delivered.
May 13: Day 14 
  • Weekly Blood Work shows no sign of infection. 
Well there it is, that is the medical/visitor summary of my time spent on bed rest up until now. I have also crocheted 2 blankets in that time, watched a lot of mediocre t.v., and spent too much time scaring myself thanks to Google. 

We should be getting another fluid ultrasound sometime this week and next week we should have another growth ultrasound. Tomorrow we will officially be 26 weeks and I am praying that the boys keep hanging on. We feel so blessed to still be pregnant right now, but of course I am hoping that we will last longer so that the boys can continue to grow and mature. 

Since this is a rather boring, dry post, I thought that I would share a picture of my beautiful Mother's Day gift from my husband. I cried happy tears when I opened it. He was so proud of himself for having thought of this and then finding a company that did twin necklaces and used silver instead of a cheaper metal. No matter what happens, I will always have both of my boys with me and this necklace is symbolic of that to me. 

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  1. What a beautiful necklace! Hang in there and trust in the Lord. I always find that Psalm 23 calms me... Prayers!