Monday, December 31, 2012

6 Weeks!

I am actually in the middle of my 6th week, but most of the information on here will be from the beginning of the week to try to keep it the same as the rest. This week I am maybe starting to feel a little bit pregnant and it's oh so exciting!! We also have an ultrasound on the 2nd which has me both super excited and completely terrified, so if you could keep us in your thoughts we would really appreciate it!

Week 6

Weight131 (-5 lbs)
Due Date: August 22, 2013
Symptoms: Sore breasts and lots of gas like before. Also, fatigue seems to have hit this week and I even took a nap the other day which is completely unlike me. It's like all of a sudden at 4 or 5 pm I hit a brick wall and just can't keep my eyes open. I am also getting little waves of nausea/queasiness. I definitely wouldn't call it morning sickness yet, but for 10-15 minutes at a time my tummy definitely feels unsettled. My skin seems to be rebelling against pregnancy and I have definitely having some rough break outs. Still trying to find a skin routine that's safe for pregnancy (so if you know of any miracle working, pregnancy safe skin products let me know!!).
EmotionsMaking it to the 6 week point felt like a huge milestone for me. I am officially the most pregnant that I've ever been and every day it starts to feel more real. I am both excited and terrified for our ultrasound on the 2nd and if it turns out good I know that it will be a giant weight off of my shoulders (even though bad things can still happen, the likelihood will decrease some). There has been some family drama that has me feeling a little stressed out, but I am doing my best to push it to the side and stay as calm and positive as I can for Baby K. 
Notable News or EventsOur ultrasound at 6 weeks 6 days on January 2nd!! (will probably get an "official" due date then too)
What Other People Are Saying About Baby/Pregnancy: This has been a pretty quiet week, but my hubby seems to be getting more attached to our little bundle. It is exciting to see him start to really feel like this is real!

As you can see, I might be getting a little bit thicker overall...but not much to report on the bump watch. I will try not to look so ragged next time, but I make no promises!!

When did morning sickness set in during your pregnancy? Were any of you lucky enough not to suffer from any morning sickness at all??

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