Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Well, We'll Give This A Shot

Hey there!!

My name is Heather and welcome to my blog. I married the man of my dreams in February 2011 and after a little more than a year together, I've realized that I really  need a place to write about being a wife (and zookeeper, more on that later) and hopefully someday a mom. For now, we're still waiting before starting our family, but since this blog is "The Evolution of a Family" it makes sense for it to start out with our life as a married couple. 

My husband's name is Nathan, he works as a lab associate at a biotech company here in Lansing (where we live). I am perpetually unemployed, due to a bad economy and health issues that make lots of jobs unrealistic for me. Nathan is currently looking into going back to school for his bachelor's degree (he currently has 3 associate's degrees) and I'm looking into finding a way to actually make use of my B.A. in Spanish. We are happy to be homeowners here in the city of Lansing, MI (for now...later on we'd like to move out of the city and into the neighboring countryside). We live here with 2 additional roommates who rent rooms from us, which is currently super helpful with our mortgage payment and not particularly inconvenient since we're used to having roommates from college. Nathan's cousin Tony lives with us along with his dog Link and my cousin Kerry lives with us along with her dog Lucy. In addition, we have a Boston Terrier pup named Thor, 2 cats, 7 degu, a parrot, and a fish! So, yep...it's a zoo and I'm generally the zookeeper since I'm home more than anyone else. Some days I love living in our crazy house, but there are definitely days when I wish for some peace and quiet. 

Please stick around as I share the trials and tribulations of these early years in our marriage. I also plan to write about my hobbies/craft projects, work that we do in the house, Nathan's construction/building projects, our lovely animals, careers, school, starting a family, cooking, and our adventures. It might seem a little hodge podge, but I have discovered that I genuinely enjoy reading blogs about other people's lives. Themes are nice and neat, but they don't offer the depth and honesty that a blog about life in general  really can. Mostly, this will be a blog about our little family, but what that might entail is likely to be wide and varied. 

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