Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week 22!!

It's crazy how time seems to be flying by and dragging all at the same time. On one hand, I just want to make it to term and know that these babies will be alright. In that sense, each day seems to drag on. I am also starting to get uncomfortable lately, so I'm sure that's part of it as well. On the other hand, we have so much to do still and I don't think it's possible for us to get it all done in time!

Week 22 was an alright week. There were good days and less good days...but overall it was alright. I will start off by admitting that I'm paranoid about this pregnancy. Honestly, I think that I spend a little too much time on the internet surrounded by communities of pregnant women. It is a wonderful thing to be able to share the experience with people who are going through what you are...but it is also terrifying. I know exactly what my babies would look like if they were born now. I also know how risky a twin pregnancy can be. It seems like I am at a higher risk for pretty much every single complication possible. All of this resulted in an extra trip to the OB's office this week to make sure that my water did not break since I had some worrisome symptoms. Luckily it did not and  everything is still looking ok. So worrying over that was the bad part of the week (which turned out not to be bad after all)...well that and the awful leg cramps that I've been getting that leave my legs sore for a few days.

There were some really good days as well though! Nathan worked all weekend so he took Monday off this week. We got to spend the whole day together! We went into Lansing and ate lunch, went shopping, went to a movie, and ate dinner together before we came home. We also went to a Mom2Mom Sale in a nearby small town on Saturday and bought some gently used clothes for the boys. We are definitely being very frugal about buying clothes and intend to purchase most of it used. Babies go through clothes so fast that I just can't see spending much money on everyday outfits. I am sure we will buy new stuff for special occasions, but that might be it.

19 items for $11, not too bad!

Week 22

Weight151 (+15 lbs overall)
Due Date: August 22, 2013
Genders?: Both Boys!
Baby is the size of: A Spaghetti Squash! - babies are measured from head to foot starting at 20 weeks instead of head to rump (note: all sizes are comparing the length of baby to a fruit)
Maternity Clothes?: Oh yes! I can still wear my pre-pregnancy pajama pants though, which is a good thing.
Symptoms: I have experienced my first couple of bouts of heartburn this week. I also had leg cramps 2 different nights. I am starting to feel pretty worn out most of the time, but I am also starting to get in a crafty hopefully nesting is beginning and I can be productive again.
EmotionsWorried mostly. We are just so close and yet so far away at the same time. 
Notable News or Events: Nothing too big going on.
Movement?: Yes! I am still not positive on whether I am feeling both babies or just one, but sometimes I feel movement simultaneously on both I am hoping it is both. I still only feel movement low most of the time, but I have felt a couple of nudges/kicks around my belly button, so I think they are getting strong enough  to feel through the anterior placenta finally. Nathan has been feeling some slight movement on the outside for a little while now, but just last night when I was listening to their heartbeats on the doppler I had him feel my tummy cause there was quite a bit of action going on and he got to feel a nice hard kick! Well, as hard as they have kicked up until this  point.
Stretch Marks?: Nothing new to report on this front surprisingly enough.
Belly Button Status?: Still a lopsided/shallow innie.
Upcoming Appointments: Sometime in May...
What People are Saying: The weather was really nice when we were out and about on Monday so I didn't need to wear a coat for once and it was the first time that a stranger has mentioned the fact that I was expecting. It was an older salesperson at a shoe store when we were looking for new shoes for Nathan. He asked how far along I was and I said that I was 22 weeks with twins. He responded with, "At least it's not triplets, I like to look at things from a glass half full point of view." Wait, what?!?! That's not an optimistic view, I am thrilled to be having twins. It is so frustrating that people say things like that, but at least someone noticed that I was pregnant I guess.

***Just now, as I was finishing writing this post I found out that a girl in one of my online groups lost one of her twins. The baby's heart just stopped beating. Hopefully her other baby will continue to grow as it is still too early for her to deliver. This is just heartbreaking to even contemplate and I am so devastated for her. If you could keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers tonight, I know that would mean a lot. Pregnancy is such a tenuous, scary thing and right now I need to remind myself and be thankful that "Today I am pregnant." I cannot control what will happen...just hope and pray that it is God's will for my two babies to come home with me this summer.*** 

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  1. Prayers for the other woman who lost a twin.

    I'm with you on second hand kids clothes! Well, most things, actually.

    You're looking cute :)